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Novel Approaches to Block Complement.
Böhmig GA, Wahrmann M, Eskandary F, Rostaing L. Transplantation, 2018 Nov;102(11):1837-1843.

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An integrative approach for the assessment of peritubular capillaritis extent and score in low-grade microvascular inflammation-associations with transplant glomerulopathy and graft loss. Kozakowski N, Herkner H, Eskandary F, Eder M, Winnicki W, Kläger J, Bond G, Kikic Ž. Nephrol Dial Transplant, in press

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Single antigen bead assays to define unacceptable antigen mismatches?
Böhmig GA, Hidalgo LG. Transplantation, 2018 Jun;102(6):894-895.

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